Cheek Enhancements

Cheek enhancementsWhat is it / how does it work?

A dermal filler is a substance that mimics the body’s own Hyaluronic Acid (HA). They are man-made and non-animal. Our skin naturally produces HA when we are young, keeping the skin hydrated and elastic.

​What can it treat?

Cheek fillers are used to give a more defined and pronounced bone appearance and replace the loss of volume

How is it performed?

Dermal filler is injected along the contour of the cheekbone until the desired outcome is achieved. There may be some discomfort so we make every effort to keep this to a minimum


There will be swelling, slight discomfort and possible bruising but usually subsides within 48 hours

Recommended after care advice;

  • Do not touch the area for at least 2 hours
  • No strenuous activity for 24 hours
  • No deep massage or alternative clinical treatments in the treated area for 2 weeks

When can I see results

​Results are immediate

Results can last approx. 8-12 month

Brands used: Juvederm,  Boletero, Teosyal and Revolax

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